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Hello, I’m Shimizu, a PR representative from JHEG / Japan’s Hottest Escort Guide.


Gentlemen planning to travel to Kobe, have you decided on your nightlife activities?


If you’re considering visiting a sex establishment, I can provide you with important information and recommend escort services to help you make your choice. So read on!

Things Travelers Should Know Before Visiting Sex Establishments in Kobe

Before visiting sex establishments or escort services in Kobe, there are three important things you should know.

Choose Sex Establishments Carefully! JHEG / Japan’s Hottest Escort Guide is a Great Option

The sex industry in Japan offers a variety of escort services.


With numerous options available, it can be challenging for travelers to make an informed decision.


Choose a sex establishment that has an official English website to avoid any issues.


Since many Japanese people only speak Japanese, there are agencies that refuse to serve foreign travelers.


However, if the agency offers an official English website, you will be welcomed.


Additionally, it is advisable to select a reputable establishment that operates nationwide in Japan.


While most sex establishments are safe, there are also illegal ones.


To ensure a safe and secure escort agency, it is important to choose a reputable establishment. For travelers, it can be challenging to determine whether an escort agency is safe or illegally operated.


One highly recommended establishment that fulfills both of these criteria is JHEG / Japan’s Hottest Escort Guide.


They have an English website, user-friendly guides and plans, and they warmly welcome travelers.

What are Women Working in the Kobe Sex Industry Like?

The women working in the Kobe sex industry are generally similar to typical Japanese women. 


Their agency manages and supports them, so there are no drug-addicted individuals, and they are all healthy with good personalities.


(In fact, compared to Western countries, there are very few drug-addicted sex workers in Japan.)


While only a small number of women speak English, you can easily communicate with them using a translation app.


If you behave as a kind gentleman, Kobe escorts can provide you with excellent service without any concerns.


Although they may be shy due to their Japanese nature, they appreciate friendly and kind travelers.

How Much Does it Cost in Kobe Sex Establishments?

The prices of escort services in Kobe vary depending on the agency, but the average price range is around 20,000 yen (130 US dollars) to 50,000 yen (330 US dollars).


If the price falls within the range of 10,000 yen (70 dollars), it is very affordable. However, if it exceeds 50,000 yen (330 dollars) for a single escort, then that agency is expensive.


Still, given the current weakness of the Japanese Yen, travelers may find these prices quite affordable.


Note, it is not necessarily a good idea to choose an agency just because it’s expensive. Instead, use popular agencies and reputable escort services.


Japanese sex workers offer services such as handjob, erotic massage, and facesitting, which are considered incredibly sexy!

Soft Femdom Offers a Unique Experience in Japan

Soft Femdom in JHEG / Japan’s Hottest Escort Guide can be a great option for spending quality time with an attractive Japanese woman, or even multiple women.


Here are three reasons why.

Soft Femdom: A Slightly Fetishistic Sex Establishment

Soft Femdom, offered by JHEG / Japan’s Hottest Escort Guide, is a type of escort service in Kobe that caters to fetishes. Simply said, Fetish Escort genre.


They feature the most attractive women in Kobe, and simply meeting them is arousing.


Compared to typical Japanese women, they are more proactive and provide an unforgettable night even without specific requests.


The session starts with showering together, followed by an erotic and intimate full-body massage. (They also offer facesitting!)


Especially the lower body massage is extremely pleasurable and perfect for relieving travel fatigue.


The finish primarily involves a handjob, and their highly skilled techniques are sure to surprise you.

There are Three Main Plans! All are Attractive, Making it Difficult to Decide

Soft Femdom offers three main plans.


Plan A (Kinky Gentlemen Plan) is a standard plan with one escort.


If you don’t have any particular preferences, Plan A is recommended.


Plan B (MultiPlay Plan) offers B1 (2 Ladies), B2 (3 Ladies), and B3 (1 Male & 1 Female with 1 Male & 1 Female) courses. 


These courses allow you to indulge with two or three fetish escorts for an unforgettable night.


Soft Femdom is well-regarded for offering the MultiPlay Plan at a reasonable price.


Plan C (Anal / Prostate Plan) is a course focused on anal play.


It is similar to Plan A but specifically designed for those who prefer anal play.

How to Choose a Japanese Fetish Escort for Facesitting

Let me give you ideas to choose a Japanese dominatrix.


If you have a specific interest in facesitting, make sure to focus on this section.

Make Your Selection by Understanding the Physique and Figure of Japanese Women

Japanese women generally have a slender physique compared to Westerners, so it is important to consider this when making your selection.


The average height of Japanese women is around 5.2ft (160cm), and they typically weigh around 100lb (45kg).


If you prefer a fuller figure, you may want to consider selecting a taller woman.


While there may be variations in physique, these variations are not likely to have a significant impact on the experience. However, the fetish escort may become tired more easily.


By the way, the average height of Japanese men is around 5.6ft (170cm), and they typically weigh around 140lb (64kg).

Prioritizing looks is not an issue. However, well-experienced individuals are recommended over newcomers.

When selecting a woman, it is acceptable to consider their appearance. However, if you also value the quality of service, it is important to prioritize experienced individuals over newcomers.


Newcomers can be easily identified by the ‘New’ logo label.


Experienced individuals offer consistent service and possess techniques that ensure a memorable experience.


Nevertheless, as many fetish escorts pursue this service as an extension of their sexual inclination, there may be newcomers with hidden talents!


If you are uncertain about which woman to choose or find yourself undecided about the plan, feel free to contact JHEG / Japan’s Hottest Escort Guide!


You can also inquire with JHEG for recommendations on the most popular fetish escort!

Japanese Dominatrix Facesitting is Incredibly Intense!

The women involved in Soft Femdom are incredibly sexy.


These women have captivated many local Japanese men with their skills, ensuring an unforgettable night for you.


If you enjoy erotic massage, facesitting, handjob, and more, you might want to consider seeing them again another day.


And don’t forget to recommend this fantastic Fetish Escort experience to your friends as well! Share the excitement!