Can Your Escort Come to My House?│Outcall Erotic Massage in Tokyo


What is outcall home delivery?

That is calling an escorts to your home.

Frequently asked questions regarding outcall home delivery will be answered with truths and cautions from Tokyo Massage Escorts!

Many of you think like this:

Is it possible for massage escorts to come to my apartment?

・What do escorts really think about outcall to my house?

・What should I do before she comes?

An active massage escorts in Tokyo will give you their honest opinion.

In addition, we will explain the points that you should definitely be careful when you enjoy the escort service at home, so check it out.  

Table of Contents①[Real Thoughts of Tokyo Escorts] How do they really feel when they are invited to clients' house?
②Bad experiences when being invited to a client's home A. No air conditioning in mid-summer and mid-winter B. I'm allergic to animals, but he didn't tell my staff that he has a dog C. Another guy in the room who I DON'T know
③Good Experiences A. Room was clean and neat B. He cared about the temperature of the room
④What you should keep in mind when you invite Tokyo escort to your home A. Clean your room as much as possible B. Bed and Futon should be washed and clean! C. Be extremely careful if you live with your family D. Filming secretly is a terrible crime! Never do that!
⑤Understand the risks of visiting a client's house from an escort's point of view!

Must check this article if you are like this:

・Can escorts really come to my apartment?

・I want to invite a girl to my house because it saves on hotel charges! Is there anything I should be careful about?

・I want to know the examples of troubles with outcall home delivery.

In this article, active massage escorts reveals the truth about visiting client's house!

Some of you may be wondering,

"What do the girls really think about massasing at my house?"

This article also includes the comments from Tokyo escorts, and the tips for getting a good impression from them.

[Real Thoughts of Tokyo Escorts] How do they really feel when they are invited to clients' house?

Active massage escorts in Tokyo answer the question in this section: How do they really feel when they are invited to my house?

"To be honest, I am OK with either at home or in a hotel.

Because I am happy with the fact that you choose me.

But it is true that outcall home delivery is more likely to cause trouble than hotel and I think I have more risks to feel danger!

That is why some escort girls don't want to visit client's house."

Why do troubles occur?

Take a look at the "Bad Experiences" we are going to report next section!

Bad experiences when being invited to a client's home

From here, we are going to introduce some episodes that were too disappointed and good experiences that made Tokyo escorts happy when they were invited to client's house.

If you are thinking of inviting an escort girl to your home in the future, refer to girls' voices here.    

【Specific examples of "dirty/smelly" room encountered】
  • The futon was yellowish and smelly, and sheets with a lot of dandruff on it.
  • The shower room and toilet were dirty, moldy and slimy.
  • Dead tiny cockroaches were found at the front door...
  • A trashy smell drifted through the air from the moment I opened the door.
  • Everything was messed and no space to step in.


The worst experience for me was when I was in a garbage room.

It was a terrible room with bugs flying around, surrounded by food scraps like cup noodle containers, lunch boxes, and plastic bottles that were about to be drunk.

Just opening the door was enough to make me feel like vomiting from the smell.

At that time I called my staff and the session was cancelled without refund....

I know almost no rooms are in this bad condition.

However, do NOT call escorts into your room if you are "too lazy to clean the room".

No air conditioning in mid-summer and mid-winter

No air conditioner is a very hard situation.

Body to body massage involves a hard work actually.

So even if it is not summer, I get sweaty easily.

And in winter, it is freezing because I wear just a panty.

My big challenge was visiting a room where an old man who lived alone without air- conditioner in mid-summer.

I think that client seemed to be fine without air conditioner.

Maybe because old man's body temperature is different from that of young men.

I did massage so long, feeling dizzy from the heat.

If you have a broken air conditioner, or you don't want to waste money buying new one, just go straight to a love hotel and call escort girls there!    

I'm allergic to animals, but he didn't tell my staff that he has a dog

One of the unexpected blind spots is pets such as dogs, cats, and birds.

I am really sorry to say this to pet lovers, but I am allergic to animal hair.

Just having animal hair in a room was very uncomfortable for me because it caused my asthma and my health condition worse.

I also heard that some girls were simply scared of big dogs so they got panicked when clients asked them to pet them.

If escort girls you choose are allergic to animals, an escort agency will ask you about it when you make a reservation.

With the being said, if you have a pet, clean your room thoroughly and move your pet to another room.

We would apprecite if you do so.  

Another guy in the room who I DON'T know

The scariest experience I have ever had is being called into a room with two or more men.

The guy who called me in was obviously after drinking with his friends.

When I opened the door, I saw three guys there.

It is quite scary for a girl to be in a locked room with multiple men.

I think home is more like a “client's territory” than a hotel.

It is harder to escape in case of an emergency, which also makes me feel scared.

Even if you don't have any bad intentions, don't ever let a friend stay in your room!

It is very likely that a girl will contact the staff as soon as she feels insecure.    

Good Experiences

For massage escorts, they are happy just to be nominated and massage without any trouble.

Therefore, you don't have to do anything for them.

In fact, you can impress them as a “good customer” if you do only the following two things Tokyo escorts mentioned and follow the rules.

That is what the Tokyo escorts said.


Room was clean and neat

You may be thinking, "Is that it?".

But, I'm just happy with that!

Sometimes there are clients who have clean apartment rooms just for the purpose of inviting massage escorts to their home, but we don't ask them to go that far at all!

A normal, well-kept, clean and neat, mold-free, and smell-free room is fine.

What I like the most is a clean room that has a real lived-in feel and looks like it was properly cleaned for the session.

He cared about the temperature of the room

"Is it hot here?" "Let me know if you're cold."

These words save me!

It is said that men and women have different body temperatures.

It is common that the temperature that men feel is just right for them may be too cold for women.

A man who cares about the temperature of a room gives me a strong impression that he is considerate and kind.

That casual gentleness alone makes you more likable!    

What you should keep in mind when you invite Tokyo escort to your home

I'm going to mention a few points that you should definitely be aware of when using massage outcall at your home.

But you really don't have to do anything special!


Clean your room as much as possible

The reason why some massage escorts don't want to visit a client's home is that the room and the sink area (bathroom and toilet) are too dirty.

Clean up is a must if you want to have an erotic massage at home!

However, it does not mean that you have to clean the entire house.

It is enough to clean at least the space where escorts needs to go.

In particular, try to keep the following points in mind.

Before the massage begins, you need to clean the following points

  • Bathroom→Clean the bathtub and floor to remove mold and water stains
  • Toilet→Clean the toilet bowl
  • Room(the massage performed)→vacuum, put away laundry, throw away food waste

As an example, a room where you can invite your friends of the same gender is not a problem!

If you are concerned about the smell, you can take measures such as putting one air freshener like those sold in grocery stores!  

Bed and Futon should be washed and clean!

What you should not forget is to clean the bed and the area around it.

The bed is most important and that massage escorts care about the most, as it is the place where bare skin touches for a long time during the session.

A dirty bed makes girls feel uncomfortable.

No chance to like you.

Take care of it at the very least.

【The following are points to keep in mind when preparing your bedding and sheets】

  • Wash sheets and pillowcases and cover them with clean ones (yellowing, dandruff, hair, or damp ones are not acceptable).
  • Hang the duvets to dry if possible (damp or sweaty duvets are a no-no). If there are items messed around the bed, put them away.

Honestly, washing and drying bedding can be quite a hassle.

If this task is too much work, it may be better to go to a love hotel, which will only cost thousands yen.

Be extremely careful if you live with your family

Actually, I once was on edge when a client's mother, who lived with him, suddenly came home during the session.

Unless your use of massage outcall is recognized by your family, otherwise it is really risky.

If you live with your family, it is definitely better to go to a love hotel just in case.

Also, if you have given your girlfriend a spare key, be careful!

She can come up to your room anytime she wants!

If she accidentally see an escort massaging you, it could be a tragedy. 


Filming secretly is a terrible crime! Never do that!

This is what one of my colleague experienced.

She found out that a spy camera had been placed in a room during a massage, and it caused a big problem.

At home, it is easy to set up cameras and microphones in advance and there are many places where they can be hidden.

This is why sometimes troubles with voyeurism and eavesdropping are reported.

But this is a very serious problem if it is detected.

Not only being banned and fined, but also reporting to the police, so never do this!

Another problem is that some clients ask for sexual intercourse.

They think that it won't be found out because they are at home.

Of course, this is also prohibited.

Understand the risks of visiting a client's house from an escort's point of view!

 【Choose home delivery in such cases】

  • I want to enjoy massage without leaving home
  • Want to save money on hotel fees
  • Want to see beautiful Japanese escorts in my house

There are many benefits offered by outcall home delivery!

Although mentioned what you should do and should not do, it does not mean that you cannot call Tokyo massage escorts at your home.

But from an escort's point of view, it is still risky to visit a man's home unless she knows him well.

Thus, follow the rules properly and enjoy a good massage when you invite escort girls to your home!

【Things to keep in mind before calling Tokyo escorts at your house】

  • Clean your room and bedding
  • Be careful not to see your family or girlfriend
  • Never attempt to voyeurism ans asking for sexual intercourse

【Find a Tokyo escort and call at home now!】

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