User's Guide - How to Make a Booking at JHEG Minami Kanto

Where and how to book an escort?

Here are just 4 steps to use JHEG Minami-Kanto.


Select the Service that Suits You Best

● Heavenly Erotic Massage
● Microbikini Swimsuit Nuru Massage
● Nipples Attack
● Soft Femdom
Take your pick from our wide range of 4 services.
To help you decide, you can compare the services using our convenient Service Chart below.
Note: Bookings can only be made through phone calls.
If you want to see the available ladies, check out the MENU for each course.
There, you can find the list of ladies and today's schedule.
Simply click on the image to get a closer look at the photos.


Choose How and Where to Meet Your Lady

There are two options for you:

1. Meeting at a love hotel located in the disignated area (Gotanda, Yokohama, Chiba city)

The ultimate convenience as the lady comes directly to your room.

The best part? There's no extra charge for the service!

Just remember that you will have to pay for the hotel separately.

Don't worry, our staff will guide you on how to use the love hotel after you make a booking.

2. Meeting at Your Hotel or Home

If you prefer to meet the lady at your own place, we've got you covered.

However, please note that there will be an additional transportation fee ranging from 1,100 yen to 7,700 yen on top of the basic fee.

This service is available for single occupancy rooms only.

Shared rooms or dormitories are not accepted.


Complete Your Booking

Once you have decided on the course and how to meet the lady, it's time to make your booking.

Contact JHEG Minami-Kanto (Japan's Hottest Escort Guide) through phone or our social media platforms (WhatsApp / Skype / LINE).


Keep in mind that once a booking is made, we do not accept any cancellations, changes to the starting time, or changes to the lady.

Don't forget to prepare Japanese yen for payment.



Get Ready for Unforgettable Experience

After your reservation is confirmed by JHEG Minami-Kanto, get ready for an amazing time with the escort girl.

- If you'll be coming to love hotel located in the disignated area, make sure to check-in before the starting time and inform us of your room number.

- If the lady will be coming to your room or home, simply wait in your room until she arrives.

We can't wait to serve you with an unforgettable experience.

Choose JHEG Minami-Kanto for the ultimate satisfaction.

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