Tokyo Threesome Escort: Kotori & Koyomi


3P Threesome course 

offered by Soft Femdom

To have a better threesome session, it is natural that you would want to choose two escorts with the best chemistry.

This article can be your help when choosing 2 Tokyo escorts for a threesome session.

Recommended Pair for Threesome ↓

   Kotori     Koyomi


Kotori & Koyomi

Kotori and Koyomi are very cute Tokyo dominatrixes, a perfect pair for your unworkable threesome fantasy.

If you've ever fantasized about a threesome with an added touch of softcore BDSM, then you're in for a treat.

They will bring the ultimate intimacy that you'll never forget.

If you're looking for a combination of intimacy and mild BDSM play, just meet Kotori and Koyomi.

They are adorable and friendly, creating a physical and emotional closeness that makes you feel like your lovers from the moment you meet them. 

They both will satisfy your desires for approval and to be loved by Japanese girls.

Besides the standard flirting, they are also good at softcore BDSM, giving you pleasure without pain.

Imagine being blindfolded, bound, and at the mercy of these two cute ladies.

They will take turns teasing and pleasuring you, using a variety of toys and techniques to enhance your experience.

Whether it's gentle spanking, light bondage, or sensory deprivation, Kotori and Koyomi will ensure that every touch and sensation is tailored to your desires.


Don't forget about "Cosplay Option".

It looks very good on both Kotori and Koyomi.

Especially sexy mini China dress and schoolgirl swimsuit.

Add this option, your excitement will go up even higher.


Kotori and Koyomi like you to rely on them, so they are cooperative in making your fantasy a real one: whatever fetish you have no matter how unusual it might be.

The possibilities for FETISH play are up to you.

If you are not sure what kind of play you want to do, let Kotori and Koyomi take control of the situation.

Experience the ultimate pleasure with fetish play that only Threesome can offer.

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