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Qn from Kaishun Erotic Massage Osaka. What is Prostate Gland?


Prostate Gland is found only in men and it is located below the bladder surrounding the urethra.
A healthy prostate gland is walnut-sized and weighs about15 to 20 grams.

This organ is responsible for urination and reproduction.
It would be easy to understand where the prostate is if you think of it as 5 cm inside the anus, on the stomach side



The Effect of Prostate Massage

1. Improve Your Blood Flow and Energize Your Lower Body!

The number of men diagnosed with either prostatitis or enlarged prostate are increasing.
These diseases are recognized as the three most common prostate diseases.

Frequent urination, or when people begin to have a feeling of incomplete emptying at urination, years ago, people just thought it was because of aging, but as the research made progress it became apparent.
Although, the main cause has not been revealed, yet there is speculation.

People working a desk job, driving taxis or having a relatively sedentary routine, commonly have symptoms of blood stagnation in the pelvis, which may be the major factors that cause prostate diseases.

So, improving blood flow through prostate massage can help prevent the symptoms of prostatitis and enlarged prostate.

Also, vas deferens will be pressured simultaneously.
Which will enlarge the sensation of ejaculation refreshingly.


2. It's Addictive, MEN's not G-spot but The P-SPOT

Prostate gland is densely packed with numerous nerve-endings.
And the numbers are as much as women's clitoris.

And once you get used to it, you will at times experience Prostate Orgasm, despite no ejaculation, you will have the sensation of climax.

Prostate orgasm is not a one-time orgasm like ejaculation.
As women, you will be able to experience the euphoria of orgasming repeatedly.

When the seminal vesicle is stimulated, which is a bit behind the prostate gland, despite the untouched genitals, semen comes out at times.

And unlike your usual ejaculation, it brings an exquisitely unique sensation as if semen is being pushed out.

This phenomenon is called "Tokoroten" in Japanese.
Actually, it is the name of a dish in Japanese cuisine.
The process of making Tokoroten is just as alike as semen being pushed out.

In Prostate Massage, whether it succeed or fail, to reach to the point of Prostate Orgasm (Tokoroten) depends on the chemistry with your therapist and also your physical condition.

So, at your first time in Prostate Massage, we cannot promise you to have stronger and more intense orgasms, but if you keep on with it and when you get used to it, eventually you will have Earth-shattering orgasms repeatedly.
A sensation that you have never experienced before.



Come and Have Heavenly Banana's Prostate Massage!

The prostate gland is inside the butt hole, so people living in daily life mostly tend to overlook its effects and pleasure.
However, without a doubt the prostate gland is an essential organ for men.

Prostate Massage is a must to get, but the sad thing is that most men wary and tend to avoid it because of embarrassment and negative stereotypes that portray it as a gay thing, slave in S&M, etc.

However, we aim for all men to embrace this mind-blowing pleasure.
You will not be embarrassed and no hard anal teasing at all.
It's literally just Prostate Massage.
Your prostate stimulation will be gentle and with fingers only.

So relax and enjoy, just take it as an extra bonus of an ordinary massage.

And here's a tip, relaxing and freeing your mind and body will boost up the good blood flow and your pleasure.

Sexual Aesthetic Salon with experts is the only place to get your stag.
At Heavenly Banana, ladies that are capable of prostate massage have all been trained by an exclusive instructor.
Gentlemen, be assured to engage in this Maximizing Pleasure!


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