The risk of cotracting COVID 19 in Nuru Massage Osaka is very low!

There are several types in erotic massage Osaka, and Nuru massage is one of them. Now I believe many have concerns about using these kind of services nowadays, to put yourself in a situation where there is a very high likelihood of contracting COVID 19, especially in a foreign country. Well, the good news is, regarding Nuru massage, the risk is very low, because it doesn’t involve the exchange of bodily fluids.

By the way, I’d like to make a statement about the word ‘Nuru.’ I see so many people translate the word ‘Nuru’ into English as ‘Slippery,’ in a vague term, it’s correct, but to be precise, I’d say the word ‘Slimy’ fits in the most. Also, it’s much common for a Japanese to use the word ‘nuru’ consecutively twice, in double-construction, ‘Nuru-Nuru.’ It can be used in a situation such as, when you accidently touch something wet, thick, saliva-like texture, and usually the reactions are, “Ahhh! I touched something ‘Nuru-Nuru!’ Yeach! It’s so gross!” Well, something like that. However, it’s not always negatively used. E.g., when you are touching and rubbing your partner’s vagina during foreplay, and feel her respond vividly, it’s not unusual to say things like, “You’re already so ‘Nuru-Nuru.’ You really like it, don’t you?” So, it also applies in sexual situations. And for that reason, Japanese don’t take ‘Nuru Massage’ negatively, we accept it just as it should be, sensual and erotic.

Now back to the subject. This Japanese massage technique is now rising in popularity. Not just in erotic massage Osaka, but everywhere around the world. And not only Nuru massage creates pleasurable and new sensations, it offers variety of health benefits, such as, significant boost in the well-being, help relax muscles, moisturize skin and so on. So c’mon, jump on the bed and reward yourself with an arousing, relaxing and healing Nuru massage!

And don’t forget, it’s not 'Slippery' but 'Slimy' and that’s a fact.


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