Soft Femdom, Fetish Escort Kobe, Ageha

Fetish Escort Kobe
Nationality: Japanese
Orientation: Straight
Specialty: Prostate Massage
Bust: 82cm (C cup)
Waist: 56cm

Hip: 88cm

Weight: 52kg

Fetish Escort Kobe is proud to present Ageha, Your Gateway to Unrivalled 82 C Natural Bliss in the Fetish Escort of Kobe. She will focus so intensely on you which you will enter a state of flow where all time loses significance and you will be completely indulged in finding its ultimate expression in your desires. Envision an allure of a Japanese seductress, the addiction of a sexual adventurer, and the sensuous touch of an elegant Domme, all seamlessly combined.
Only at the age of 20 and standing 163cm, Ageha exudes an irresistible allure that captivates at first sight. Her round black eyes radiate with art of sensuality, and her shiny raven-black hair hints at her Japanese roots. Every inch of her being is rendered with pure intensity, accentuated by a feminine figure and blessed with natural 82C breasts. Lose yourself in her captivating carnal abilities while the world outside fades away.
Through her masterful touch, get ready for a journey into ultimate sensation and ecstasy. Her prostate stimulation is a symphony of sensations, delving into your deepest orgasm.
Your reservation for an enthralling odyssey with Ageha awaits your call. Have yourself in the hands of enchantress to take your senses on a journey of intense pleasure and unforgettable sensation. Reach out to Ageha and be part of the exclusive circle of a world where your fantasies spring to life.

Moan Cry Scream
Fetish Escort Kobe
Soft Femdom Kobe
From 1PM until 1AM
06 4256 4873 / +81 6 4256 4873
Golden Shower, Prostate Massage, Face Sitting(With G-strings), Licking(upper body), Glans Teasing, Male Squirt, Prostate Orgasm, Anus Teasing, Nasty Talk, Dirty Talk, Biding Hands and Feet, Sex Toy (Enemagra), Sex Toy (Anal Beads), Sex Toy (Vibrator), Demma(massager), Strap on dildo, Blidfold, Hand Job, Foot Job, Foot(stepped-on), Tantalizing(Edging), Teasing, Cosplay, Bondage, Spanking(Hands), Spanking(Whip, Pad), Gaging, Stockings, Pantyhose, Fishnet stockings, Pin Heels, Knee-high Boots, Saliva(spitting), Oder(feet), Oder(armpits), Sweat(armpits), Enema, Urethra Play, Farting, Fisting

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