Prostate Oragasm via Prostate Massage, Soft Femdom Osaka

We provide Soft Masochistic entertainment

Our group provide 100 times better orgasm by stimulating the prostate gland, it’s called prostate orgasm.

Naghty girls give obscene words, get excited by writhing men and masturbating by rubbing their groin to you.

Girls will be topless, lick your body, and provide extraordinary and ultimate orgasm with facesitting and male squirting and prostate orgasm by prostate massage.

You might experience the strong orgasm like women’s such as fainting or shivering feet. Those services written on above, like licking service on upper half of your body or golden shower service, are included in the basic service. Japanese fetish, Japanese cosplay, masochistic play etc.....

You might imagine the sexual feeling masochistic with “Fear”, “Queen” or “SM”, but our group provided different service, such as perfect passive pleasure “like a king”.

It is said that female G spot pleasure is 100 time better then male ejaculation. However, do you know that men have male G spot in anus? We have erotogenic zone whole body. There is a thing that lots of people don’t know the true and have usual sex indeed.

We can deliver to each area of Osaka.
North area, South area, Nipponbashi is also possible. If you stay in hotels of Abeno Harukas, Gran front, Sky Garden, feel free call us.

Girls are all Japanese woman of course, and the girls are high technician.
Nympho girl is said "Chijo" in Japanese. Now, it has become a boom most popular sex shop of Japan.
If you play with women in Japan, Please try Nympho women "Chijo"
Our shop doesn’t matter your sexual preference. Our group provides just extraordinary pleasure.

Moan Cry Scream
Soft Femdom Osaka
From 1PM until 1AM
06 4256 4873 / +81 6 4256 4873
Golden Shower, Prostate Massage, Face Sitting (With G-strings), Licking(upper body), Glans Teasing, Male Squirt, Prostate Orgasm, Anus Teasing, Nasty Talk, Dirty Talk, Biding Hands and Feet, Sex Toy (Enemagra), Sex Toy (Anal Beads), Sex Toy(Vibrator), Demma(massager), Strap on dildo, Blidfold, Hand Job, Foot Job, Foot (stepped-on), Tantalizing(Edging), Teasing, Cosplay, Bondage, Spanking(Hands), Spanking(Whip, Pad), Gaging, Stockings, Pantyhose, Fishnet stockings, Pin Heels, Knee-high Boots, Saliva(spitting), Oder(feet), Oder(armpits), Sweat(armpits), Enema, Urethra Play, Farting, Fisting

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