Heavenly Detox Satisfy Bananas
and Purify Mind

Enhance Your Energy
by Controlling Your Sexual Function

Giving LIMITLESS RELAXATION is a field only a Sexual Aesthetic Salon can do.
Warmth through intimate attachment creates comfort with solace, and lead it to a Happy Ending is what Kaishun Erotic Massage aims for.
As many hormones as possible will be released by assembling blood flow to the male genitalia. Stimulate both your Sexual Function and Brain Function. Super erection with ejaculation, doubled sensation just for you.

The pleasure of Kaishun Erotic Massage
is much much more than Masturbation or Sex

What is Kaishun Erotic Massage?

In 2009 it was developed and the name was registered as a trademark. A massage technique “to Maximize the Sense of Climax”

Erotic Massage
At first, the fingertips and ears that are far away from the erogenous zone (genitalia) will be licked and stimulated slowly in a barely touching movement.
And then moving on circling the body. By the time when the genitalia is literally is in the hands, your sex drive and the blood flow will be exceeded to the limit.
Leading to an arousing cum (hormone release) never before.

Kaishun Massage

Kaishun Massage
It is focused mainly on the lower part of the body, an area that is excluded in general massage therapy.
Following areas will be worked on; Perineum (between testicles and anus), Groin (where the upper thigh meets lower abdomen) and Genitalia.
The treatment is to improve the blood flow and detox, to eliminate toxins from the body.

There are similar massages overseas like Lingham Massage or Tantric Massage.

However, the methods are alike, but

Of all in the world a massage that are specific to
full body attachment, body licking and sensually visual,
Is only but Kaishun Erotic Massage

Not only will it heighten men’s arousal.
But it will also bring in curing power of energy to modern men's workaday stress.
The aim is to detox both, weight that sits on men’s minds and in men's bananas.

Kaishun Erotic Massage
See it through thermography

Do you know
Purifying Massage?


In overseas, there are several massages that are very similar to Kaishun Massage.
A massage that specifies male genitalia enhancement and the euphoria that comes with it.
The methods of these massages are extremely similar to "Erotic Massage".

An enormous sexual energy abide in the male penis.
And stimulation or circulation will lead to create an extremely strong power.

Lingham massage will increase blood flow to the genitalia drastically and detoxify toxins.
Also, many more hormones will be released simultaneously, which leads to stimulate both sexual function and brain function.

The stimulation will help resolve health problems, such as hormones back in balance, improve memory, improve blood flow, increase sexual sensitivity, sexual energy enhancement, premature ejaculation improvement and major depression improvement.

An Erection with Ejaculation
Twice as Much as Usual

During sex, the age of you and your partner, body condition and surroundings are key factors to affect tactile senses and orgasm.
Your erection and semen volume can change depending on a million different factors.

Erotic Massage's 9 ways of approach

  • Secure Attachment will make Comfort
  • Relaxing Effectt
  • Extraordinary Passionate Sucking
  • Authentic Massage Release Physical Fatigue
  • Erotic Massage Heighten All the Senses
  • Kaishun Massage Rejuvenate Male Function
  • Kaishun Massage Promote Blood Flow to Genitalia
  • Nipple Sucking & Tantalizing Handjob Stimulate Erogenous Zones Simultaneously
  • Vision of Topless with G-String Evoke Brain Excitement

Nine various approaches using the senses of sight, hearing and touch will stimulate the body and brain.

Even after the arousal has increased, continuous tantalizing will be kept on until at the very edge.
And at that edge, you will encounter two phenomenons.

Which Generation does Your Erection belong in?

Royal Pleasure!
The Good VIBE OverFlows at Pause

From the beginning until the impeccable climax, nothing is necessary to be done.
Leave everything to our lady and everyone will be in euphoric pleasure.

In the luxurious moment of pause, You will receive a undivided attention of a lady with full of devotion Ensuring sultry yet sensual detoxification to cleanse your mind and body.

Pause yourself and have your body and mind relaxed.
Just indulge only in pleasure.

An absolute Royal Pleasure.
A Moment of Bliss and Undivided Attention Only for You.

It begins with CloseBody contact
simultaneously Sultry LickService

Now begins the massage with a mixture of solace and excitement.
Slowly and deeply attaching each other’s body all over.
And take a breath together to enlarge the relaxation.

The sensation of vagina through the lady's G-String will be closely attached all around your body.
And simultaneously, starting on the edges and moving on to your genitals, a slow soft caressing with lickservice will crossover.

Slowly but surely your body will react with excitement.
Before the Oil Massage, all five senses throughout your body will be provoked thoroughly.

Writhe in Shivering Pleasure
Now, let the Erotic Massage begin

After a successful search of your entire erogenous zones, body oil will be applied to stimulate them all and also Kaishun pressure points. So begins the Erotic Oil Massage.

And here again without a touch to the genitals in the center of the body, but instead oil massage and caressing are repeated alternately. Tantalizingly provoking your entire body with the method of Kaishun Erotic Massage®.

Rejoice in an extraordinary encounter, a sensation shuffled with solace and excitement.

During our Erotic Massage, in addition to topless lady, you will receive facesitting in a thong dug deep into vagina, nipple massage and series of encounters that regular massage studios cannot provide.
Not even in your sex life will you experience such varieties of sensual techniques continuously.

And when the palpable excitement and joy are close to the limit, The body will spontaneously writhe and shiver with pleasure.

Kaishun Detox to
Groin, Testicle and Perineum

Firstly, our warm original oil are applied around the groin, testicles and the anus most generously.

These areas are less likely to get a massage, so with only the sensation of warm oilcan make everyone at ease and relaxed.

There are several Kaishun Pressure Points along the groin and its surroundings that are effective to help cure ED and enhance blood flow to the genitalia.

The combination of Stimulating Kaishun Pressure Points and Lymphatic Drainage Massage are an effective method to help release waste and toxins during ejaculation.
So to do so, an oil is placed in each palm to wrap and warm the testicles, then begin to massage.
The perineum will be gently pressured and loosened inwardly.

Sexual Aesthetic Salon is the only place for Lower Body Massage.
Not only will it rejuvenate male function, but an incredible moment of euphoria that overwhelms relaxation.

At your order, we accept an addition of Prostate Stimulation Massage, an organ which is deemed as Male G-Spot.
(This therapy requires time, 90 minute session or more only.)

Silken Feathery Touch on
Glans & Phallus Kaishun Massage

Our massage to genitals is not just a so-called Handjob, but A One and Only Banana (Genitals) Oil Massage.

Warm, thick and oozy original oil is applied most generously, and from the root toward the penis head will be thoroughly massaged with the thumb and index finger.

Moderate pressure is applied and combined with oil massage.
Tiredness (stiffness) will be eased and besides ejaculation a different refreshing sensation can be obtained.

There are several Banana (Genitals) Massage methods, such as finger pressure and palm pressure. Also glans massage is carried out with the whole palm.

During the Banana Massage, the glans will be massaged very gently.
A soft and barely touch will enhance the aroused glans to furthermore levels of sensitivity, to the stage of maximum excitement.

Soft & Slow
Teasing Kaishun Massage

Finally, you have reached the stage to cum.
It’s time to switch from oil to warm nuru-lotion.
But yet there is still a long long way to cum.
Teasing keeps on going until Spontaneous Ejaculation with Overflowing Sensation.

Nipples are sucked and touched, ladies keep their body attachedand every single one of the erogenous zones stimulated simultaneously.

Generally, when it's close to cum the handjob accelerates.
However, Gokuraku Banana goes Slowly and Softly all the way.

This slow and soft motion is indeed the key factor to an Overflowing Ejaculation.

Until the very end the teasing goes on and on, and the writhing pleasure will literally double the volume of your cum.

It Overflows then SPLASH Witness the Astonishing Volume that You will CUM.

Our Original Oil Gets YOU
Moisturized with Authentic Shiatsu, essentially RENEWEDShiatsu means "finger pressure" in Japanese and it is a form of Japanese body work.


We use our Original Water Soluble Oil only.
It maintains high moisturization without unnecessary stickiness.
Also, Erotic Massage's oil massage is not only for sensuality

Not even at a regular massage studio provide Full Body Massage.

At "Erotic Massage", besides facial and head massage, full body oil massage including the genitalia is applied, and its high moisturizing effects will keep your skin shiny and healthy.

"Erotic Massage" create

Sensuous, Solace and Vivacious Physique like no others.
A One and Only Oil Massage for Men.