Japanese GFE

Perfectly Tuned in to Your Desire
One-of-a-Kind Devoted Experience

Japanese style Escort course is designed for
an optimal outcall experience

Ladies in 20s and 40s who clear
our gold standard are rare and valuable:
They know how to treat a man,
are beautifully aged and attractive,
and have brilliant eyes that arouse a man’s passion.

Your Kingdom is Here

Omotenashi hospitality
is just the beginning.

Hot lady who is very caring,
comfortable and convenient.

An attractive lady
who knows about men quite well,
is comfortable and convenient.

With Japanese style Escort,
unleash the fantasies
that you never tell your partner.
Some are inexperienced. Some are unworkable.

Make it real with a Japanese style Escort.
Then experience to the fullest

never stops
with utmost care.
To make the fantasy
come true is
Japanese style Escort’s speciality

All About Our Service

Ultimate Hospitality Begins
From the Moment You Meet A Lady!

Basic service
※Other services available besides below.
Contact us for details.

she is in your hotel room.

French Kiss

Her lips touch yours softly at first,
then gradually her tongue is
densely entwined.

Sensual time

Body Wash

Her smooth porcelain skin will be fully attached to you with lots of lather.
Cleansing your body with passion as she would to a king.

Sensual time


Blowjob and Titjob are the perfect combination.
She puts your penis between her own breasts and wets it with saliva, and then moves them up and down
stimulating your penis.
*Some ladies might not be able to due to bust size.

Sensual time

Handjob with Nuru-Lotion

Handjob with nuru-lotion in one hand.
The other stimulates nipples or balls.
Simultaneously, a lady gives you a deep french kiss or nipple licking.
Sexual stimulating lasts untill the end,
which is inevitable.

Sensual time


A lady thoroughly enjoys licking and sucking.
Ejaculation is warmly welcome anytime you want to.
*Blowjob with condom available

Sensual time


Sumata Play takes you to the explosive orgasm.
Ejaculate like a volcanic eruption!
Make it your own after ejaculation:
pillow talk, having a massage, one more ejaculation,

Additional Request

Take an Even Greater
King’s Pleasure
With Additional Requests!

2,200yen Each
Pantyhose / Fishnet Stocking / Take Home Panty

Rotor / 2,200yen

Denma / 3,300yen

Vibretor / 4,400yen

Golden Shower / 2,200yen

Mutual Masturbation / 2,200yen

When it comes to Japanese Style Escort,
Three Exclusive Basis!

Royal Style Shower

Cleansing your body with passion as she would to a king. Experience this exclusive shower play.

Heavy Licking

In fact, most brothels fail to give a satisfying body licking. Our ladies are carefully selected. An enthusiastic body licking all around guaranteed.

Ball & Groin Licking

Feel the doubled sensation of ejaculation at the final moment. It could be a trigger that the groin shivers with intense pleasure spontaneously.

In the remaining time,

One more time? Or get a massage? To do our utmost to ensure satisfaction until the very end is Japanese style Escort’s goal.

It’s all up to you.

- Attention -

Japan’s Hottest Escort Guide is licensed in accordance with Japanese law.
Having sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited
because prostitution is illegal in Japan.

Also, improper photography (secret filming) is a crime.

Do not ask for an act
that is not in our service content.

Do not do anything to make a lady feel uncomfortable.

If incidents like above occurs,
the session will be stopped and our lady will leave immediately.
We will have to take legal action if necessary.

Thank you for your understanding.
We are Foreigner Friendly