Tokyo Ueno Escort Massage

Osaka Escort Massage

Oil massage and handjob, the lightweight content makes it safe and secure. Not enough?
Something a little more titillating? Something like blowjob and sumata?

For men like you,
the best assets of erotic massage and deli-heru are cherry-picked, here in

JHEG, Japanese Escort Massage

What makes it exceptional


・We take great deal in first impression

It’s not just about being pretty or cute, we seek and work with girls that put you at ease, get you excited, and make you feel proud to be seen with right when she walks through the door.

・Body-to-Body Style will excite you Non-Stop

Right after meeting it’s intimate Body-to-Body, shower before bed it’s intimate Body-to-Body,
during massage it’s intimate Body-to-Body, until climax it’s Non-Stop intimate Body-to-Body.

・An extra approach to our erotic massage therapy

Girls are an expert in understanding the Kaishun pressure points, and with the addition of sultry licking to entire sweet spots, will heighten the senses, which makes it truly exceptional.

・The difference from the GFE (GirlFriend Experience) service is obvious

GFE service is a form of sensual escapade, an escape from the mundaneness of life.
Now, we prefer to flavor it with more complex intensity, a sensual hybrid of Testicle and BJ,
Sumata and HandJob, with an essence of visual stimuli. In other words, it’s so damn good!

・Ultimate Sensual Experience Ensured

Intimate Body-to-Body is just the beginning, sultry licking and BJ, all exceptional!
Cowgirl style Sumata with HandJob boosts visual and haptic intensity,
And not to mention girls’ extreme devotion and sexual affection.

☆Our service includes,

・Intimate Body-to-Body Bubbly Body Wash
・Relaxing and Sensual Massage
・Full Body Licking
・Kaishun Massage
・Sumata with HandJob (genitals contact are prohibited)
・Caressing / Soft Touching (lower body touching is prohibited)
・BJ (BlowJob) without condom
・Full-nude Body-to-Body Intimacy
・Testicle Licking and Testicle Massage

The recurring theme of fusion is what makes us the perfect fantasy escape

Non-Stop Body-to-Body
Non-Stop Zealous-Licking

your orgasm of the year ensured.

Advised for men who

○are looking for a professional oil massage to relax, but sexual service is also a must.
○usually have an erotic massage that comes with a handjob but not actually satisfied.
○feels like only a paycheck in incalls.
○feels emptiness during fashion-health shop’s blowjob and sumata.
○takes priority over visual appearance at in-and-outcall services.

Prohibition of specified acts

We operate with keen willingness to visual and physical satisfaction.
Although our pricing is higher than our competition, the worth is more,
ensured to leave a positive afterglow throughout your mind and body!

Japan’s various adult entertainment services has led us to create

JHEG, Japanese Escort Massage

The Best and the Brightest Escort Service in Japan!

JHEG, Japanese Escort Massage

Indulge in our mind-and-body-blowing sensual experience!

Prohibition of specified acts

To ensure an unforgettable experience,
please follow the rules below.

・This service does not contain girls’ lower body touching (including vagina) and kissing. There is no option for it also, so please do not negotiate.
・Sexual intercourse is absolutely unacceptable, negotiation likewise.
・Alcohol will reduce sexual sensitivity. Please do not use our service in a drunken state.
・Invading girls’ privacy, forcing to exchange contacts, planting hidden cameras, and asking to meet outside the session are strictly prohibited.
Please Note, in some cases, legal action may be taken.

Prostitution is illegal in Japan.
That is why there are so many unique and creative services here.
To make your Japanese sexual service a satisfying one,
please follow our service rules.