Kobe Heavenly Banana is a type of sexual massage

Like it or not, we need to face many pressures in the world today, both individually and collectively. So, engaging in hobbies or activities that help to destress, is essential to self-care.

Luckily for men in Osaka and Kobe, we have a perfect solution to ease your stress levels. And not only stress, but it can ease the muscle tension, reduce inflammation and improve your blood flow. Yes, a nice, relaxing sexual massage will help take the edge off the stress and reboot your body.


Osaka and Kobe Heavenly Banana is a type of sexual massage which is designed to be sexually stimulating and all therapist are Japanese girls that are trained by professionals. Our goal is to promote relaxation, increase arousal and heighten sexual pleasure.

During the massage, girls will be topless but will be wearing a G-string (thong.) A light, soothing touch to titillate the skin, entire body, back, legs, arms and genitals. Their touch will naturally stay light, aiming to tickle, tease and arouse. Girl’s full body will become a weapon, hands full of warmed oil to massage everywhere around the body, using their oiled arms, stomach and breasts for a gentle massage on the back and front, followed by kisses on the ears and neck. Hands will be going down between the legs and wrapping around the erection covered with nuru lotion, moving their palms and fingers slowly and softly all the way until the end.

It’s not just relaxation, there’s more, it will sooth away stress and sink you into sensual pleasure.

Please NOTE: Heavenly Banana does not involve sexual acts, such as touching to the girls, blowjob and we DO NOT provide SEXUAL INTERCOURSE accordingly to the Japanese law.
Still and all, assured to be amazed of what our girls are capable of. Though without penetrative sex/without blowjob, satisfaction is secured. The most important thing is to build a trust relationship between the two to ensure your gratification. Our girls have to be at ease to offer your needs or even more than your needs. To offer that bliss can only be, when they are relaxed and comfortable with you. So please respect our girls and make them feel so. When these feelings match between each other, it is just natural to create a wonderful time.


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