Kobe Kaishun Erotic Massage: See it through Thermography

Kaishun Erotic Massage See it through Thermography


View Increased Blood Flow and
   Circulation through Thermography

Heavenly Banana uses thermography to analyze, verify, and improve the quantity of blood flow and circulation status.

Poor circulation can lead to negative effects on the body such as cold sensitivity, body stiffness, skin problems, swelling, sleep disorders, constipation, and erectile dysfunction.
In addition, arteriosclerosis caused by poor blood circulation can lead to heart disease and stroke.

Take a look at the thermal image of Before and After Massage and you will see how drastically the blood flow has improved.


In a regular massage studio, the groin area and its surroundings will not be massaged.

However, those are the areas where the lymphatic system is most concentrated.
As a result, sufficient blood did not reach to the lower abdomen to boost circulation
So as you can see, only the temperature around the heart and back increased.

However, Kaishun Erotic Massage will begin the massage to the feet and fingertips that are far away from the center of the body.
So even the tip of the toe will obtain sufficient blood circulation.




Difference in Blood Flow
   Before and After

Moreover, areas regular massage studios do not regulate.
With addition of Kaishun pressure points, massage to the groin area and its surroundings where the lymphatic system is most concentrated

Perineal Massage


Testicle Massage

Groin Lymphatic Massage

It is obvious that the blood flow has increased and the entire body obtained sufficient blood circulation promotion effect.

The performance of Groin Lymphatic Massage, which regular massage studios do not regulate, will boost the blood flow smoothly throughout the body.

Here is an easy way to see your own blood flow condition.
If the tongue is pink, it is in good condition.
If veins under the tongue are almost purple, there is a possibility of thick blood.
So for once take a look for yourself.

Be cautious to prevent poor blood flow and make an effort to enhance the blood circulation promotion effect on your entire body.
Because not only will you improve erection power, but less likely both to have disease and to age.
The key to health, power & energy is, Blood Circulation Promotion Effect!

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