Heavenly Banana in Kobe, The PIONEER of Kaishun Erotic Massage

Our massage is body-to-body oil massage with handjob.
During the massage, the girls will be topless, but they will be wearing G-strings.
And she will finish you off with a handjob.
However, no touching to the girls, no blowjob and no sex.
Is everything good with our service?

No Kobe erotic massage? Well, read this and maybe you’ll change your mind.

Our massage will help optimize your sexual function and enhance energy.
Kaishun (回春) erotic massage provides limitless relaxation. Heavenly Banana Girls’ body-to-body, intimate attachment is comforting and solacing. Before you reach to your happy ending in our Kaishun erotic massage, billions of hormones will be released through the blood flow to your penis. Kaishun erotic massage energize not just your sexual function, but your brain function too.
Erection, then, ejaculation is going to be SUPER. Plus, with doubled SENSATION!
Believe it or not, the pleasure of Kaishun Erotic Massage beats masturbation, and even Sex?

Kaishun Erotic Massage is literally a hybrid of Kaishun massage and Erotic massage, here are the details. Now, there are so many columns on the internet regarding erotic massage and if you have reached here, I guess you’ve already read many of those, so I’m going skip about the 'erotic massage'.
About what Kaishun massage is. Kaishun massage is focused mainly on the lower part of the body, around the penis, areas that are excluded in regular massage. Moreover, ‘Perineum,’ it’s located between the testicles and anus (and if you haven’t tried this yet, trust me, you’re going to love it! I do.) ‘Groin,’ it’s where the upper thigh meets the lower abdomen. And of course, the ‘Penis.’ The aim of Kaishun is to improve men’s blood flow and detox function. And the goal is to enhance the ability to eliminate toxins from the body.

Simply put, when you ejaculate, you’ll be excreting toxins from the urethra at the same time. And don’t forget, you’ll be CUMming a lot more, and same goes for your body toxins.

Conclusion: Kaishun Erotic Massage is ‘Feel-Good’ and ‘Health-Good’ massage.

So, how is it? Change your mind? Feel like giving it a try? If so, no worries, Heavenly Banana Girls are all foreigner friendly. Our doors are always open for you. Cum Feel-Good, and leave in Health-Good state.


JHEG Kansai
Feels Goodest and Healthiest
Kobe Kaishun Erotic Massage
06 4256 4873 / +81 6 4256 4873

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