About Osaka Micro Bikini Swimsuit Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage is a type of erotic massage originating in Japan. Here in Micro Bikini Swimsuit Nuru Massage Osaka, the masseuse, as we call them, Busty Venus, will use their entire body to massage clients, in order to provide heavily body-to-body contact.

First, Busty Venus covers herself and the client completely in nuru lotion. This lotion is colorless, odorless and consisted with a unique blend of natural and botanical ingredients, in a water mixture.

The massage will take place on a bed using water and oil resistant sheets to avoid the mess.

Once both are covered up in nuru lotion, Busty Venus will use her arms to support the body weight as she slides and glides to create lighter sensation. And after a while more body weight will be released to create deeper pressure. And MORE, clients will experience their bodily techniques, emphasizing their ‘Nuru Wet’ breasts and nipples as Busty Venus drags up and down the client’s skin. Adding in little love bites, Busty Venus will continue to explore sliding and gliding both sides of the client’s body up and down. Teasing by sliding everywhere but the privates, until they are certain that the client is excited by the wonderful erotic sensation, but at the same time completely relaxed from head to toe. Then begins the gliding across the most sensitive area. Beyond that, not only will client discover physical connections, but emotional connections as well. As much as Micro Bikini Swimsuit Nuru Massage Osaka is an erotic massage, it is also a spiritual journey.

Experience significant increase in your well-being, relieve stress, get renewed and rejuvenated. Beyond all, Micro Bikini Swimsuit Nuru Massage is a place to revitalize your sexual exploration, and the passage to satisfy your body and mind. And note! No matter what your sexual preferences are, Micro Bikini Swimsuit Nuru Massage will allow you to relish in the sensual energy that Busty Venus creates during the therapy.

Micro Bikini Swimsuit Nuru Massage Osaka
A place to revitalize your sexual exploration.
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