Osaka user asked me, “What is Sexual Fetish?”

The other day, I took a phone call at different Japanese girl out call service. And the customer asked me “What is Sexual Fetish?” Well, he was curious in our new Osaka Soft Femdom. How about you?


It doesn’t mean you have ‘Shoe Fetish’ just because you get excited when you see your partner in pin heels during sex,

Fetish is having sexual arousal in response to a body part or object, such as feet or shoes. Rather than women, they are more common in men. For most people with fetish, it is mandatory to have their attracted object at hand or to fantasize about it, in order to be sexually excited, get an erection and have an orgasm, alone or with a partner,   

A person with fetish may masturbate with the object in the hand, smelling, rubbing or maybe even tasting it. Or maybe ask the partner to wear or use it during sex.



Best-Known Fetishes

Mostly anything is ‘Fetishizable.’

There are tons of information on the internet about fetish interests. Anything that can be imagined can be a fetish

The best-known fetishes include body parts, e.g., feet, or body features, e.g., tattoos, piercings, or obesity. The best-known fetish is the feet. Body size, body fluid and hair are also well-known.

 And after body parts, comes with the things you wear. E.g., clothes worn on the hips or legs,

e.g., pantyhose or skirt comes at the top. Shoes, then underwear, comes close behind.

Fetish that involves the texture of a certain material, mostly rubber or leather are also common.

Some like to dress themselves or with their partner in furry animal cosplays.



Is Fetish a Sin?

Sexual fetish is no disorder. Whether by yourself or with your partner or even with a Japanese girl, as long as both are happy with the sexual fetish and getting pleasure from it, and most importantly, that no one is forced to participate, then there’s no issue.

Furthermore, some fetish can be absolutely harmless. E.g., thousands of men and even some women are having ‘adult baby diaper’ fetish. They say they feel comfort in it, and this doesn’t sound scary or crazy at all.

Same goes with people who are into bondage, domination and discipline, well-known as ‘BDSM.’ So as long as everyone agrees and are happy with what’s going on, even in the permanent or extreme situation, then there’s no issue in Fetish and Fetishes.  



If you are into any kind of Fetish or if you have any interest in a particular one, Japanese Girl Soft Femdom is the place to come to. Worried? Gentlemen, be assured, there are no ladies here that will judge you. Indulge in your fetish with the most attentive and understanding Soft Femdom Ladies. Guidance, assistance and pampering is what you’ll get.



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