Soft Femdom Osaka is at your service from January 20, 2023.

Your fantasy and desires are here!

Japanese AV Porn Worshipers
Our ladies are far more aggressive!
Unimaginable extraordinary pleasure
Moan Cry Scream until CLIMAX!
Experience the Japanese Subculture
Presenting 2 categories you cannot miss,
Cosplay and Female Domination.
Our Osaka escort ladies can make your erotic fantasies come true such as...
threesome with Japanese Maid and office lady.
How about JK school girl and nurse?
You will also be surprised to realize men are entertained to be obedient, controlled and dominated.
You on your feet being abused by a lady with a strap-on from the back, while another lady facing you and demeaning you with a sex toy. Just imagine the situation, YES, you're already aroused.
Why cannot men be ruled by women?
Admire the art of female domination...
Are you man enough?
Our ladies are very playful...
In a naughty way, and loves submissive men. Provoking you by being topless with a seductive look while tasting all over your body.
Face sitting and penis abuse shall be performed with extreme enthusiasm.
Be aware of not being allowed to cum easily, yet when she finally does, you will have a time of your life.
Do not hesitate, get ready to meet our dominas. Reveal the passivity in you.
Cosplay fantasy
Remember when you were a teenager? You couldn't stop thinking about beautiful nurses, sexy women in tight business suit, your friends' older sister or the girl next door.
Do not deny that you have never dreamed about seductive milfs sitting on you and taking control.
Admit it, these sexual fantasies were held not only in your male puberty, but until this present day. You have been long waiting to be tantalized.
Feel something extraordinary!
Playing with 2 Osaka escort ladies is a heavenly experience once in a lifetime.
It doubles pleasure, doubles excitement, and doubles everything!
Note: Ladies for 3some can be limited, please ask for availability.
A whole new world... it’s a new world to your hole
Prostate gland is God's gift ONLY given to men, so why not to take advantage of it? First timer?
Our sultry ladies will speak dirty to you while caressing by themselves, eye gazing your anus being stimulated and listen to you moan.
Prostate Orgasm... have it your way!
Get prostate orgasm! Have your prostate gland stimulated. Orgasms keep coming on and on, just like the waves.
Male Squirt. A huge climax you cannot imagine what is to CUM!
It’s a 100 times more sensual excitement than the ejaculation you know.
Addition item... for maybe a few, but a MUST
Golden shower, spitting, blindfold, bondage, nipple massage, gagging, foot, pantyhose, and assumingly... the body odor. Don't hesitate to ask!
Last but not least
Japan has established its own porn culture
Please note, we are 100% LEGAL, we DO NOT provide SEXUAL INTERCOURSE accordingly to the Japanese law.
Although without blowjob and non-penetrative sex, satisfaction is secured.
Also, most of our ladies may not be fluent in English.
However, we are certain that the passion of two sexually attached individuals (or maybe even three) will easily overcome the language barrier.
1. Golden shower is included in all session with no extra charge! (Please notify our staff in advance.)
2. You will meet our ladies only. Not our staff nor our driver, just our ladies.
3. No extra fee will be charged for multiple ejaculation within the session time.
Note: 90minutes is our recommended session time, especially for beginners to experience prostate orgasm.
Preparation takes nearly 30 minutes to stimulate the prostate gland.
Soft Femdom Osaka
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At your service from today, January 20, 2023.
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