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How to Squirt (a way・know-how)

To succeed Male Squirting, there's bit of a trick.

First of all, what is Male Squirting?
Let's begin by finding out about it!
Both men and women are particularly interested in "Squirting." Most believe Only Women Squirt but that is not true, as we say "Male Squirting,” men can squirt too!

Muscle used when squirting is the same one used when urinating.
So when you squirt, you will have the same sense as urination.

Up to this point the way to squirt is equally the same between men and women. To have Male Squirting, it does not matter whether its urine or squirts, don't hold it in; just let it all out.
In women's case, after the climax it takes time to cool down their sexual arousal, so they will have a sensation of residual urine. If they push hard, they will squirt again. Until the vaginal secretion stops leaking down squirting is continual.
In porn movies, women squirting again and again are for these reasons. However, there are exceptions; some women cannot squirt even though having sensation of residual urine.

Haven't you had this kind of experience when having sex with a woman?

You're about to cum this close......... but you can't.

It's because of your mental condition.
If you have doubts in your mind; feeling shy or ashamed to show as you are to someone you care for, in high-rate ejaculation will fail. It happens because you are nervous.
So, to all men, when you are going to challenge Male Squirting, don't be shy, just relax and free your body and mind.
Many women misunderstand that when they are at the climax, squirting comes in a set. That is not true, some women may not be able to squirt even though they have reached orgasm.

Type of Japanese Erotic Service: The Best Outcall Service to Squirt

Orgasm and squirt are totally different.
Unlike orgasm from vagina or clitoris, it is likely the sensation to urinate after holding it on.

So don't take it as one of orgasms, squirting is just another part in the sex play.
Back to the main subject "Male Squirting", men squirt after ejaculation.

Usually after ejaculation sex ends for men, but right after you ejaculate, if you keep stimulating the glans with the palm, in most cases men will squirt.
Most men do not like their penis to be touched right after ejaculating, but to succeed in "Male Squirting", toleration is a must!

Endure the tickling agony and you will have a sensation that you never knew.
At ejaculation, does anyone of you feel a similar sense to urination?
When men urinate after ejaculation, actually that is squirting.
The absolute difference between women is that men only have one passage (urethra), either ejaculation comes first or urination does...
In this case, ejaculation comes first and then urination.

An advice to beginners from men who has succeeded in Male Squirting, the most important things are same as women's squirt
・Do not urinate before ejaculation
・Drink about 2 litters of water before ejaculation
・Swallow your shame, free your body and mind.
As in above make an environment to urinate easily, the key is to get use to Male Squirting in the very beginning.
After you acquire the sense of it, it will become easier for you to squirt.
Also, your mental condition is an issue of great importance.
Don't be shy, liberate yourself and give it a try.

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Type of Japanese Erotic Service: The Best Outcall Service to Squirt
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