We've got answers to your most asked questions!

Here, we've put together some of your most asked questions for easy reference!

Does JHEG Offer Incall Services?

We specialize in outcall services. This means we'll send the girls right to your place or hotel. 

No room? No problem! You can head over to any recommended area for each JHEG. There are plenty of love hotels around for you to choose from. 

Don't stress about transportation fees if you're using a nearby love hotel. 

Just remember, you'll have to cover the hotel fee. We don't deal with hotel reservations, but don't worry, you can still find a reasonably priced room. 

Plus, we can help you check in easily, even if you don't speak Japanese. 

Feeling Overwhelmed by JHEG's Wide Range of Courses?

If you're feeling a bit swamped by all the different courses we offer at JHEG, no worries! Just start off by checking out our Service Chart. 

This chart breaks down what you get with each course. They're all different in terms of area and price, and even the selection of girls changes from one course to the next. So take your time and choose carefully. 

You can find more details about the fee and the girls for each course on their specific pages. 

Want more info? Just click on these buttons on our website: 


・Girls Schedule

・Price and Location

How Do I Pay?

You can pay us in Japanese yen right at our store. 

Just a heads-up, we don't take credit cards. 

But we do take some foreign currencies. If you're curious about which ones, give us a ring!

Can I pay more to get extra services not included in the course?

We only provide the services listed in the selected course. 

Trying to privately negotiate for extra stuff can make our girls uncomfortable, so let's not go there, okay? They're able to work in this industry because they're part of an agency, so let's respect that. Besides, making personal requests isn't just against the rules, it could also land you in hot water. Thanks for understanding!

Do I Need to Bring My ID Card or Passport?

No, you don't need to bring any ID or passport. We trust our customers. But we will ask about your nationality, so we'd appreciate your cooperation on that!

Can I Make a Reservation for My Friend?

Sorry, but we can't take reservations from anyone other than the person who's going to use the service. This is to make sure that you know what you're getting into and are totally on board with the terms. 

Without this direct chat, you might not get the most out of the service. Plus, if something goes wrong, it could be a real hassle for the person who booked for you. 

So, to book, give our staff a call directly. Thanks!

Can I Use the Service with My Partner?

While it's technically not a total no-go, the chances are pretty slim. 

Also, remember, prostitution is a no-no in Japan. If any hanky-panky happens in front of our girls, they'll have to peace out.

Do all girls speak English?

While a lot of Japanese folks learn some basic English in school, having a full-on conversation can be a bit tough. 

In each of our stores, only about 1% of our girls can chat in English. But no worries! Our shop runs in a way that lets you enjoy our services without needing to chat too much. Also, there are some pretty nifty translation apps out there these days. 

These can help you communicate with the girls, so we'd suggest having one ready just in case.

Thanks for Sharing Your Thoughts and Questions!

We're all about getting as many folks as possible to enjoy our services. 

Just a heads-up, you've gotta be cool with our service terms and have a good grip on Japanese customs. 

If you're thinking about making a booking, feel free to have a chinwag with our English-speaking staff to make sure you're comfy and clued up. 

Loads of our Japanese girls can't wait to meet our foreign friends!

We've got some top-notch escort services in Osaka and Kobe, including:

・Sensual Massage (Osaka, Kobe)

・Soft Femdom (Osaka, Kobe)

・Nuru Massage (only in Osaka)

・Nipples Attack (only in Osaka)


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