Witness the Osaka Japanese Escort Girls' incredible Handjob

Our services are specialized in handjob. Upper body licking and body massage also, but no blowjob and of course no sex (sexual intercourse I mean).
“So, just handjob?” you say? Yes, handjob. Well, I think you are evilly underrating handjob. Do not underestimate our Japanese escort girls’ handjob, it’s a lot more than you can imagine.

Now, there is no such specific, the one and only handjob technique. Some men may back-arch for it, or maybe many, but not all will for one particular handjob technique. So, to give all men the toe-curling pleasure of screaming orgasms, girls have to be versatile. And here are some of their flows that lead men to the heights of pleasure.

First, she will pour lots of nuru lotion on the penis and go with the basic up/down motions, but once they have figured out the company’s likes of speed and pressure, they will go to the next step. Things like…

The ‘Niagara Falls’ technique, we call it this way because the hands will be constantly moving, just as a cascade of water keeps on falling at the Niagara Falls.
She will take her right hand at the head of the penis and stroke all the way to the bottom of the shaft. Once her right hand hits the bottom of the penis, she will take her right hand away and repeat it with her left hand in the same motion. She will keep this continuously, and after a while she will reverse the motion, starting from the base of the penis to tip of the glance. Again, in a continuous cycle.

The ‘Orange Squeeze’, as if the head of the penis were an orange gently squeezed.
Here, both hands will be used simultaneously. Stroking the shaft up and down with one hand, and the other hand focusing on the head and tip of the penis with a light ‘squeezing’ touch. To be specific about the motions in the head of the penis, Japanese escort girls’ fingertips will run over the glance back and forth with light pressure, making small circles around the tip of the penis with another fingertip at the same time.

The Cymbal
Girls will hold both of their hands in the middle of the shaft. Slide one hand down until it reaches the testicles to give a gentle rub and then release, the other hand up to the glance and circle around it with their fingertips and then release. Their released hands will meet in the middle of the penis again, again and again.

Twist opposingly
Twisting hands around the penis is a great option instead of stroking.
Girls will use both of their hands, one hand will be holding the bottom of the shaft and the rest of the part will be held with the other hand. With gentle pressure, they will twist one hand clockwise around the penis and rotate the other hand in anticlockwise direction. When both wrists are twisted all the way, the they will rotate their left and right hand as much as possible in the opposite direction. Nuru lotion helps make this process to go much faster, and the faster this goes, the better it gets.

These are just one of their few techniques, there are much more. To discover the small fraction of methods (or maybe large) to be especially pleasurable for each client, they will pay attention to the rhythm, pressure and speed while mixing it up with various styles. And note, the nuru lotion has a power to make an otherwise simple handjob into an event. It allows friction, pressure and various speed in an enjoyable way instead of giving much like an ‘Indian or Chinese burn.’

Lastly, handjob will not be the only process during the session, there are more. The massage, upper body licking, testicle teasing and etc. If you think no touching service is boring, well, come give it a try. The suspense and sexual tension will last from the beginning to the end of time. There are so many amazing things Japanese escort girls can do that does not involve blowjob and penetration when you stay still.

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