Chinese New Year Holiday 2024 / 春節 @ JHEG

Chinese New Year Holiday, also known as 春節, will start on February 10th in 2024.

Due to the ongoing situation with the Coronavirus, many customers couldn't travel to Japan. But hey, we believe that there will be more visitors flocking to Japan during this year's Chinese New Year Holiday (春節) period.

Among all the cool cities in Japan, Osaka is easily accessible for foreigners and is gonna be a hot tourist spot during the Chinese New Year holiday / 春節.

If you're planning a trip to Osaka, why not add some excitement with Japan's adult entertainment services? Japan's Hottest Escort Guide has got you covered with a variety of escort services, including four in Osaka and two in Kobe.

Unlike in some countries
where escort services may involve sexual intercourse,

our main focus is on

providing pleasurable experiences by stimulating your erogenous zones.
And guess what? In all our sessions, we guarantee a Happy Ending through a technique known as Handjob. No strings attached, just pure satisfaction!

But hold on, 

that's not all!

We have 3 unique approach that sets us apart:

1. Your safety is our top priority. We eliminate the risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) since there's no exchange of body fluids.
2. Get ready for some excitement! Our beautiful girls are not your everyday encounter. They'll pamper you like never before!
3. Our Osaka escort girls are not your typical escorts. They're just ordinary girls you'd meet in your daily life.


let me give you a quick rundown of each course we offer in our Osaka escort services.

We'll start with the Osaka escort course’s all-time favorite!
Heavenly Erotic Massage

This is our lightest service, perfect for those looking for a little something extra.

Our skilled Osaka escort girls will provide an authentic body massage combined with a tantalizing handjob. Picture this: they'll be topless and wearing a sexy G-String. It's a massage experience like no other, designed to satisfy your deepest desires. Say goodbye to regular massages and get ready for a truly blissful encounter!

Customers rave about the soft and smooth skin of our Japanese girls.
And that texture provides a delightful sensation throughout the session!

Our awesome erotic massage
is all about traditional techniques, but with a sexy twist.

The handjob service is done with lots of creativity and warmth, using lotion oil to give you a super relaxing and pleasurable experience. It's a one-of-a-kind pleasure that you won't get from any other service.

Just a quick heads up, you can't touch the masseuse during this service.

But don't worry,
their gentle touch will be super close to you,
making it a truly memorable experience.

Also, during the session, you get to experience face-sitting in a G-string, which adds to the excitement.

And hey, don't forget that one of the best things about our girls is their top-notch quality, as I mentioned before.

Working as an Osaka escort takes guts, but at our place, lots of regular and adorable girls choose to work with us because of our lightweight service that keeps them safe.

While Japanese people are known for being clean and modest, in this line of work, even as a Japanese girl, they immediately come across as a genuine sex worker.

However, this is not the case with Heavenly Erotic Massage.

For instance, even if one of our girls were to visit the hotel you're staying at, people around you would never suspect that you've called an escort!

So how was it?
Did we manage to grab your attention, even just a bit?

If you want to know more, go ahead and click on the link below!

Check out our awesome image video that showcases our services and gives you a sneak peek of the amazing Osaka escort girls who work with us.

For all you folks planning to visit Osaka, Japan during the Chinese New Year Holiday / 春節, we just want to remind you...

Get ready for a mind-blowing time in Osaka with our super erotic massage services provided by beautiful Japanese girls!

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