Soft Femdom, Outcall Service in Osaka will make you Squirt!

Assumingly, many of you have seen men squirt on porn. Or heard about it at an outcall / incall service.
And what you have seen or heard can actually happen.

In general, most people believe only women can squirt.
Actually, men can squirt too.
However, unlike women, there is only one chance for men to squirt and it has to be right after the ejaculation.
The pleasure of male squirting is different to regular ejaculation or prostate orgasm.
It is likely to release urine after holding it until the very limit.

The Thrill is Extreme and Liberating. It’s truly a fine line between Euphoria and Insanity.
And this is not only for a small fraction of people. Every man can indulge into it.

After ejaculation, when the penis is stroked forcibly, squirt will spurt out from the urethra, same as women.
As all men know, after ejaculation men’s sexual arousal decrease rapidly.
“What am I doing?” There must be many men that has fallen into such a state of mind right after masturbation or sex.
Right after orgasm, both men and women’s genitals will be extremely responsive.
As for men, the glans applies this condition and even with the slightest touch can make men moan.
The glans will be overstimulated in such condition.
This is how to make men squirt.

If you search for Male Squirting on the internet, you will see various methods to succeed.
For instance,
Drink plenty of water
Relax and practice in a comfortable atmosphere
When you are about to pee don’t hold it back, remove the common sense.
You will see methods above on many how-to guides.
Of course, these methods are essential but there is one thing you need to keep in mind.
No matter how many succeeding methods you try, unless you clear this key factor, you can never clear squirting.
And the only thing that is absolutely necessary is ENDURANCE
It may sound obvious but ENDURANCE is the highest hurdle.
No matter how much water you drink, in cozy atmosphere, ready to pee, without ENDURANCE you will never succeed.
I know, everyone prefers to gain pleasure in a easy way.
Unfortunately, the key factor and the only way to squirt is to manage ENDURANCE.
If you cannot manage to ENDURE your challenge will be simply a waste of time.

Still, no matter what, if you are dying to squirt, let Soft Femdom Osaka help you.
Among so many outcall service providers, we are very unique, because our Specialties are Male Squirting and Prostate Orgasm
All of our contents are created to lead into Male Squirting and Prostate Orgasm.
So leave everything to our ladies, by doing so the success rate will rise significantly.

"I challenged myself in the past, but it failed."
"I’m always one step away, but I can’t reach the goal."
Does it apply to you? If so, have your arms and legs tied up by our ladies and get your glans stimulated.
Indulge into pleasure regardless of your will.

For beginners in Male Squirting, put yourself into professionals' hands.
Success will come to you much more easily.
And after several successes of squirting, the body tends to adjust to squirt more easily.
When that happens, it means you can splatter vigorously wherever and whenever you want.
And no worries, ladies know other ways to make men squirt than tying them up.

If you still haven't experienced this pleasure, if you are satisfied with usual ejaculation,
If you are looking for changes, take a chance to discover this unknown pleasure.
Challenge this new adventure.
Male Squirting will certainly wipe out your workaday stress

Soft Femdom Osaka, the best Outcall Service to Squirt

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