Prostate Orgasm? See it through Japanese Fuzoku in Osaka

Learn about Prostate Orgasm and Male G-Spot at Japanese Fuzuzoku; Soft Femdom in Osaka.

The erogenous zone only men have is called the prostate gland and it is located right under the bladder, just next to your anus!
The impression of anal is unclean, as you will think of excrement, a part of a body people in general do not speak in public.
However, if male's penis is compared to woman's clitoris, then which part of men will be compared to women's "vagina"?
God gave us what you call a woman's G-spot, he hid it inside our anal, Male P-Spot.
It is said, orgasm from vagina is ten times better or more compared to clitoris.
Same thing can be said to men, Prostate orgasm is so much better, incomparable to penile ejaculation.

Prostate Gland is THE ONLY Method to experience Vaginal Orgasm
Now, Soft Femdom, the Japanese Fuzoku in Osaka will show you the methods to experience long term orgasm that lasts more than one minute (Prostate Orgasm.)
The first step of having Prostate Orgasm is to know the location of the Prostate Gland.
Try not to forget how it felt when it was stimulated.
When the prostate is stimulated for long hours, the senses will become numb.
However, if it feels better than the first time, Prostate Orgasm is getting close to you.

Until you get used to it, you may feel unpleasant when objects such as enemagra are inserted for long hours.
However, try to endure the object inside your anal for about 30 minutes.
Enemagra has a particular special quality, when time is taken to tighten and loosen the anal sphincter, it will fit in the prostate gland perfectly and heighten the stimulation.
Therefore, even if you feel uncomfortable in the beginning, be patient and wait for the Rush to flood in you.

After 20 to 30 minutes of prostate stimulation, nipple licking and glans teasing will begin.
You will have pleasure from both parts and that pleasure will vibrate to your prostate gland.
If you have come this far, you are extremely close to having Prostate Orgasm.
It is very rare to come to this point at the first time.
You need to keep trying and eventually you will reach to that condition, so challenge with patience.

During prostate stimulation, do not move but stay still.
By stretching the anal, contraction will slowly begin despite your intention.
At this point, Prostate Orgasm is right by you.
The anal muscle contraction will make you feel as if your hip is shaking.
Don't resist, just relax, free your body and go with the flow.

It is a mental matter, if you have reached to the point of having a feminine mind, you are extremely close to Prostate Orgasm.
Same as male squirting, Mental Matters will concern a great deal.
Pretend as if you are a woman with vagina and being played with.
Just enjoy the situation.

For starters, once a month is enough. When this mind-blowing orgasm is achieved, you will be renewed and begin a new day with more energy.
Your sexual preference is not the issue, experimenting with your anal to search for the erotic potential of prostate stimulation will enhance your sex life to a whole new level.


Anal play requires you to take steps to keep it safe and clean.
If you are a beginner, no worries, you will be in our lady’s good hands, relaxed and aroused before your journey.
But don’t forget, practice and patience are the key.
Because, the more you practice the better it gets.
And it is one of the reasons why anal play is so much fun once you get to know how it works.
So come on and let’s bring your body to orgasm.

Prostate Orgasm will Enhance your Sex Life
Come to Soft Femdom Osaka, the best Japanese Fuzoku for Prostate Orgasm lovers.

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