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Erotic Massage Parlors in Kobe: Recommendations and Introduction

Hello! I’m Shimizu, a PR representative for JHEG.

When you visit Japan, I encourage you to experience the unique hospitality of erotic massage. These establishments in Japan are known for providing exceptional service.

However, I understand that many people are not familiar with what happens during an erotic massage session. So in this article, I will explain the details of erotic massage and introduce a recommended agency in Kobe where you can experience an amazing sensual massage.

If you are a healthy and horny man planning a trip to Japan, I assure you that this article is worth reading.


The Experience of Erotic Massage in Kobe: What’s it Like?

In this section, I will provide a detailed explanation of what you can expect from an erotic massage that offers sensual experiences in Kobe. Additionally, I will clarify the basic services and the effects of the massage. So, continue reading!


Basic Service Content

Erotic massage involves various activities, with the main focus being on massage techniques. The goal is to release tension from the entire body using techniques like oil massage and powder massage. These massages aim to relax the body and are not explicitly sexual. Consequently, they are similar to the massage offered at conventional massage salons.

After the oil massage, the session transitions to the erotic massage. Erotic massage focuses on stimulating erogenous zones and is more sexually explicit. It includes nipple play and a massage to the testicles and surrounding area to revitalize. The primary goal of an erotic massage is to enhance virility and arousal. It’s a massage that intensifies the pleasure of ejaculation.

Lastly, an erotic massage ends with a Happy Ending, which involves a handjob. The techniques used in this experience are called Teasing and Edging. These techniques aim to control ejaculation and delay orgasm. It is important to note that being touched by a sexy girl while having your release controlled may cause frustration. Yet, the resulting ejaculation can be extremely pleasurable and potentially addictive.

These are the main aspects of the services offered in erotic massage parlors.


The Effects of Erotic Massage

Erotic massages have various effects. Firstly, they increase arousal by massaging the genitals and surrounding areas, which heightens the sex drive. This stimulation stirs up desire, ultimately leading to a more intense orgasm.

Moreover, erotic massage can also help enhance virility. Testicle massage will increase sperm production and male hormones. As a result, more sperm is produced and more male hormones are secreted, leading to improved male function.

Additionally, erotic massage can improve erectile function. Good blood flow is essential for achieving and maintaining erections. These massages use techniques that positively impact overall blood circulation, and improved circulation leads to a stronger erection. Erotic massage is especially beneficial for men in their 40s or older who may experience erectile dysfunction. For that reason, if you feel that your penis lacks vitality, I strongly suggest trying an erotic massage.


Also Offered at Fetish Escort Parlors

Erotic massage is commonly offered at erotic massage parlors. Although, in recent years, fetish escort parlors have also begun to provide erotic massage service.

In addition, fetish escort parlors offer men the opportunity to experience a submissive role and receive all kinds of kinky acts from the Femme Domme or so-called Dominatrix. This unique style has gained immense popularity, offering extremely intense experiences through dirty talk, teasing and more. So, if you are visiting Japan, be sure to explore this thriving genre of adult entertainment as well.


The Cost of Erotic Massage in Kobe

Before getting an erotic massage in Kobe, it is important to know the costs involved. Therefore, in this section, I will give you a quick overview of the expected prices for these services. This information will help you plan your budget for your visit.


For a 60-minute session, the average price is between 12,000 yen and 16,000 yen. This includes the cost of the hotel and any additional charges for a specific girl.

If you prefer a longer 90-minute session, the average price ranges from 18,000 yen to 24,000 yen. This estimate does not include the hotel fee or any additional charges.


Recommended Erotic Massage Parlors in Kobe

While there are various erotic massage parlors and fetish escort parlors in Kobe, one that I highly recommend is Heavenly Erotic Massage.

As the name implies, Heavenly Erotic Massage specializes in providing exceptional erotic massage services with beautiful Japanese girls. Additionally, they offer a unique Japanese-style hospitality that combines sensual massage techniques with nipple play and handjob, allowing you to fully indulge in ultimate pleasure.

What sets Heavenly Erotic Massage apart is their seamless integration of conventional massage, sensual massage, and handjob. This ensures a continuous and stimulating experience in your erogenous zones, without any pauses or breaks in the session flow.


JHEG focuses on the following services

Enhancing sensitivity through stimulating sight and hearing

Creating an intimate connection through close body contact and erotic warmth

Providing deep pleasure through a combination of nipple licking, teasing, and handjob


Once you experience JHEG, you are sure to become addicted.

JHEG operates on an outcall basis. Simply make a reservation over the phone, and the girl will come to your designated location. The process is easy, so feel free to get in touch.


Find a Reliable Agency for Erotic Massage in Kobe

I have explained about the erotic massage services in Kobe and clarified what they include. I hope you find this information useful.

Moreover, I have recommended an agency for an erotic massage. At Kobe Heavenly Erotic Massage, you can immerse yourself in the pleasure without needing to take an active role. So, indulge in the thrill of being on the receiving end. 

Additionally, you can visit the official JHEG website to see what types of girls they offer. Rest assured that every girl is attractive and will undoubtedly enhance your sensual experience.

Along with JHEG, girls are eagerly awaiting your visit!

Thank you!